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Funny, but not perfect

The dialogue and the jokes were all funny, and for the most part original. However, the voice acting left a bit to be desired. It was a little emotionless or unbelievable at some parts, and the quality was just Ok.

But other than that, a great movie with some great laughs.


Great, entertaining animation. And I think I'm in love with that little hairless mouse... molerat... thing. Anyway, it's adorable. :3

Meh :\

It was a good animation, but you were trying WAAAAY to hard to resemble egoraptor, and NOBODY can do that successfully. If you know you're going to fail at imitating something everybody loves, just try and find your own style. Trust me, it will work out a lot better. ;) Nice effort and all, though. Not too shabby.

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So awesome

Ever since before I got a NG account, this has always been my all-time favorite flash game. Dear god, I need a sequel. NOW.

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Great game, and even greater effort! This would be a masterpiece had it had a bit more of an animation budget and a little less glitches and a continue function in case you accidentally return to the main menu.

Very fun, though. This deserves a front page for all the effort put into it.

Hi5er responds:

why thank you sir :D

And if only I could animate a lil better lol... And a continue button I suppose would be nice :P Seems like you accidentley lost you're progress... Ouch.

However, if you die there are checkpoints... Case that matters to you?

And front page? Ha... I wish xD

Thanks for the review :)



For your information, that up there is a jackalope face.

A fun game, and it has a nice quirky style. I love it, frankly.

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So...so... BEAUTIFUL!!

*wipes tear from eye* this is going in my book RIGHT NOW!! OH MY GOD IT'S SO AMAZING!!! OH... wow.... this is... oh god... I... I'm speechless... this is the song I've secretly wanted to listen to from the day I was born... just... dear god.

sorohanro responds:

Man, this is a very nice compliment. Thanx, I really appreciate your feedback.

It's about time

It's about time that this thing got through moderator approval. I love it so much! Fun song!

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This song changed my whole outlook on life. I will never be the same again. THANK YOU!!

DjMindsweeper responds:

Wow...That's certainly unexpected.

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I like your style.


Holy crap. Beautifully drawn, the lighting is just perfect. I love your artwork!

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